Purpose and Dedication

The Illinois Trappers Association was founded in 1962 by individuals seeking to organize a focused, effective representation for those involved in the sport of trapping in Illinois.  Since that initial charter, the I.T.A. has remained dedicated to protecting and promoting the right to trap in Illinois, as well as nationwide.  Furthermore, the I.T.A. is constantly striving to expand its efforts to educate the public regarding the recreational aspects and necessities for trapping in the modern world. 

The I.T.A. understands that one of the most effective was to preserve the right to trap in Illinois is to promote the use of responsible and ethical trapping practices by trappers and other sportsman.  To this end, the I.T.A. works closely with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and other state and local agencies to establish regulations allowing for an efficient harvest of the states surplus wildlife populations.  Through these relationships, the I.T.A. makes every attempt to stay abreast of new advances and techniques pertinent to achieving sound management goals.  Being very concerned with the future of ethical trapping practices in Illinois, the I.T.A. has developed , in conjunction with the Illinois DNR, a trappers education course.  This course is designed to instruct young and first time trappers in the fundamentals of ethical trapping and is required for anyone under the age of 18 wishing to acquire a trapping license for the state of Illinois.

Promoting Sound Management

Trapping has a long and proud heritage in Illinois.  Today trapping is a source of recreation and income for some 10,000 licensed trappers.  These voluntary conservationists provide a free public service in controlling the population of certain animals.  Illinois' trappers operate under a set of regulations carefully designed to ensure responsible trapping and proper management of the resource.

This page was last updated: July 15, 2023