ITA General Membership Meeting 

Since we are hosting the National, we will have no Convention this year. Per our bylaws, we will have a general membership meeting.  

When and Where

The meeting will be October 7th at the Macon County Fairgrounds (4-H Building).  The meeting will begin at 10:00am and run until business is included.  Lunch will be provided.


Election of the Vice-President, Treasurer, and five Directors will take place. The agenda includes the general business meeting, awards and scholarship presentation (if any). The day will conclude with the drawing for the Sweepstakes, Five-Gun, and Cash raffles. Drawing will also be held for door prizes.

Member Mailing

Members will be getting the annual flyer a month or so early this year, as it contains information about the NTA National in July.


As we are not having a Convention this fall, the raffle ticket sales will be our major fundraiser. Note we have a new sweepstakes raffle – 19 prizes totaling over $4500. You’ll find tickets for the Sweepstakes, as well as Five-Gun and Cash raffle, in your flyer envelope.

For more raffle tickets, or additional information regarding the fall meeting, contact President Neal Graves (309-989-7616 or or Kent Weil (217-522-2338 or 

Respectfully submitted,

Kent Weil


Illinois Trappers Association Sweepstakes Raffle

Since the ITA will not be holding a full state convention this
 year (we are hosting the National 2 months earlier) we have
 put together a sweepstakes style raffle with (mostly) donated prizes. The result is a pretty impressive list of prizes. There
 are 19 prizes with a total value of over $4600. We will be
 selling tickets at $10 each, 3 for $25 or 10 for $50. These
 tickets will be sent in our annual membership mailer in May
 to all members. Prize and donor details are available on
 the ITA website, 


• Henry Golden Boy .22LR Rifle - $575 Value 
See website for transfer and shipping details. Donated by Kaatz Bros. Lures

• Little Wolf Skinning Machine - $575 Value See website for shipping cost details.

• $400 of Assorted Tanned Fur Donated by Great Northern Fur

• $300 Gift Certificate Donated by F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post

• Silver Fox Mountain Man Hat - $325 Value Donated by USA Foxx & Fur

• Stihl MS 180 C-BE Gas Chainsaw w/Case - $350 Value 
Donated by Groenewold Fur & Wool

• Duke #15 Bear Trap - $200 Value Donated by Duke Traps

•12 K-9 Exteme Traps - $225 Value Donated by NO-BS Lures

• 12 Minnesota Brand MB550 - $225 Value 
Donated by Doren Miller, Miller Fur Company

• 10 4oz Bottles of Lenon Lures & Classic Video Herb Lenon DVD - $225 Value 
Donated by Lenon Lures

• Dozen Feather Light Dogproof Traps & Raccoon Trapping Package - $215 Value 
Donated by PCS Outdoors

• Snow & Neally 23” Hudson Bay Axe, Noonan Coyote 101, Bottom Edge, & Trap Adjustment DVDs - $210 Value Donated by Bob Noonan, Trapper’s Post

• Snow & Neally 23” Hudson Bay Axe, Noonan Marten Trapping & Fisher Trapping DVDs - $180 Value Donated by Bob Noonan, Trappe’r Post

• 6010F 10”x10”x36” Live Trap & Bite Guard Kevlar/Leather Gloves - $180 Value 
Donated by Tomahawk Live Trap

• Tanned Whitetail Hair-On Deer Hide - $125 Value 
Donated by Moyle Mink & Tannery

• $100 Gift Certificate or 50% Off Any Trap - $125 Value 
Donated by Comstock Custom Cage

• $100 Gift Certificate Donated by Volkers Trapping Supplies

• $100 Gift Certificate Donated by DakotaLine Snares

• Post Curved Double-Edged Fleshing Knife - $100 Value 
Donated by Bethell’s Wildlife Control

We are also doing three other raffles this next year. A five gun raffle, a cash raffle, and an FBU Gun of the Year raffle.

Five Gun Raffle 

As we have done for several years, we will be offering a five gun raffle. We will be selling tickets at $5 each or 6 for $25. These tickets will be sent in our annual membership mailer in May to all members.  


Savage Axis 223
Remington 870 12 gauge
Heritage 22/22mag Revolver
Marlin 22 Bolt Action Rifle
50 cal. Inline Muzzleloader

Cash Raffle

As we have done for several years, we will be offering a cash raffle. We will be selling tickets at $2 each or 6 for $10. These tickets will be sent in our annual membership mailer in May to all members.  


1st - $200 
2nd - $150
3rd - $100

Furbearers Unlimited 2017 Gun of the Year Raffle

As we did last year, we will be selling chance on the FBU Gun of the Year. Only 250 tickets will be sold at a cost of $10 each. This is a one of a kind gun, engraved Furbearers Gun of the Year, Illinois Trappers Association.  

This year’s gun is a Ruger 5808 Mini 14 Target Rifle in .223 Remington. This is a fine and popular rifle, with a retail value (engraved) at about $1000.

Contact ITA Directors or Officers for tickets.

All raffle prizes will be drawn at the October 7, 2017 General Membership Meeting. Need not be present to win. Must comply with all state and federal requirements for transfer of the guns. Should you need tickets now, or want a quantity to buy or sell, please contact President Neal Graves, 309-989-7616 or  

2017 NTA Convention:

The ITA will be hosting the NTA National Convention at 
the Winnebago County Fairgrounds in Pecatonica in July 
of 2017. We need your help. We will need volunteers 
starting on Sunday, July 23rd, through Sunday, July 30th.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. We are at the
“collecting names” stage right now, so if you can help,
please contact Kraig Kaatz (708-466-9491 or

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule - 2017

Saturday, February 18 at Audubon Society in Springfield; 9 AM

Saturday, May 13 at Audubon Society in Springfield; 9 AM

Saturday, July 15th at Hooked on Fishing in East Peoria; 9 AM

General Membership Meeting will be Saturday, October 7th at Macon County Fairgrounds in Decatur; time TBA

Saturday, October 21 at Audubon in Springfield; 9 AM