Illinois Trappers Association
General Membership Meeting
October 5, 2019
Decatur, IL

President Graves called meeting to order at 5:15 pm.

Pledge and prayer by Kraig Kaatz.

Minutes to the General Membership Meeting of Oct 6, 2018 were provided to attendees.
Tony Gienow made motion to approve, seconded by Jerry Beadin, passed.

Presidents Report – President Graves reported on some of the changes in DNR. We have a good relationship with the CPO’s. So far things seem favorable with the new Director. 

VP Report – none

Secretary Report – 

According to Policy/Procedure #4 (July 16, 2016) As there are the same number of nominees as positions open the Board can approve these candidates by proclamation at the Board meeting on July 21, 2018. 
Illinois Trappers Association Policy/Procedure #4
Approved July 16, 2016
Purpose: Simplify the election process for officers and or directors when all positions are uncontested. When there are the same or fewer nominees then positions open in any election the outcome is guaranteed as each candidate would need but one (1) vote to be elected. The expense and time involved at the convention to hand out, gather, and count the ballots when there can be only one outcome, can be streamlined without changing the result.
According to the ITA Constitution approved Oct 2, 2015
10- Policy/Procedure shall be established by the board to address special and/or unusual circumstances not included in this document.
Policy/Procedure to address this scenario; When there are the exact number or fewer candidates for positions open, the board shall vote on each candidate separately at the board meeting immediately prior to the annual convention. Thus establishing a confirmed vote for each candidate. The candidates will take office per Article 5 - Officers Section 1-F at 12:01 am on the Monday immediately following the annual convention.

Here are the elected officers and board members for 2019 – 2022.
Vice President – Steve McClintock
Treasurer – Andy Day
Directors – Tony Gienow

Treasurers Report – Beginning Balance (total) as of 10/4/2018, $44,778.89 with balance as of 10/5/2019 not including final totals from Convention, $32,455.70 with 624 members. Motion to accept by Larry Sylvester, second by Cody Gaboriault, passed.

NTA Report by Kent Weil, General Organizer of NTA – Hand out provided. 

President Graves provided information and updates on the Kids Camp in Pike County and also the CPO camps. To day about 75% of the CPO’s have attended to CPO camp.

There was a discussion about the lobbyist and the need of retaining his services. Future finances were discussed and our ability to retain these services. Motion made to extend lobbyist contract trough Dec 31, 2020 by Larry Sylvester, second by Kent Weil, approved.

Membership approved contract (pending final review) with Macon County Fairgrounds for 2020, 2021, 2022. The ITA Conventions will remain in Decatur through 2022. Motion made by Kraig Kaatz, second by Cody Gaboriaolt, 

Fur Sale will be February 22, 2020 in Strausburg. Details to follow.

Andy Day informed the membership that Trappers Post has increased its subscription costs to the affiliates. There was also discussion regarding our current overall financial situation. Motion was made by Cody Gaboriault to increase the yearly membership dues for ITA to $35.00 (with youth membership remaining at $15.00) on January 1, 2020, second by Tony Gienow, approved.

Membership was informed that there will be amendments coming to incorporate into the ITA Constitution next year. Moving a couple of the current policies into the document.

The ITA Board will be working on a draft budget to better track finances.

Membership suggested to consider a Trappers Tornado circle as a demo for 2020 convention. This would have all the attendees be given an opportunity to provide a tip they use on their line. Anyone can participate in the conversation.

Motion was made by Tony Gienow to adjourn, second by Cody Gaboriault, approved.

President Graves adjourned the meeting at 6:10 pm.