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The Illinois Trappers Association, in conjunction with the Winnebago County Fairgrounds and the Rockford Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, presented a bid at the 2015 NTA Convention in Hamburg to host the 58th National Trappers Association Annual Convention for the year 2017.
The Site Selection Committee voted to accept the bid, pending a site visitation by NTA Convention Coordinator Tamara Masterson. The event is scheduled to be held at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds in Pecatonica, Illinois, July 27-30, 2017.

Neal Graves, President of the ITA, stated, “We are extremely pleased and excited that the NTA saw fit to choose Illinois as the site for the 2017 National Convention.  Trappers in Illinois will work hard to make this convention a success.  We began creating a volunteer database as soon as I heard the news.”

While most details of the convention remain to be set, a large number of volunteers will be necessary to successfully host the event.  As Graves notes, ‘The more volunteers we have, the less time everyone has to spend working and the more time they will have to enjoy the 2017 NTA Convention.”
Prospective volunteers are encouraged to contact the ITA.  Contact information for officers and directors is available here on the ITA website.  Contacts include: Neal Graves at 309-989-7616 ( or Kent Weil at 217-522-2338 (

Practically the only information available at this time is the fact that the site has been selected and the dates have been set.  Additional information will be posted in this space as it becomes.  
According to the NTA, a potential paid attendance of 4000-5000 is routine, and upwards of 7000 is possible (the attendance at the 2014 Convention in Escanaba, Michigan, was over 6500).  Gate admission is free for children. Adult admission is typically $10 for the entire four-day event.

Kent Weil, NTA Director